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Welcome to  Emporium of Chocolate.

You might start by asking: what makes us different?  The simple answer is, our chocolates are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients from Australia and Brazil.

The Emporium of Chocolate concept was derived from a dream and a passion to deliver a unique, delicious and mouth -watering experience in every bite. Each exciting and hand crafted piece of art is completely different from your average chocolate.

Emporium of Chocolate is a Sydney based chocolate crafting business inspired by the diverse and delicious flavours of a traditional Brazilian desserts .

A vivid carnival of colours, zebra stripes and leopard prints add an extra something to any celebration, dinner party, birthday, wedding and will make a perfect gift.
However, we warn you, these delicious chocolates are addictive and we are convinced you, your family and your friends will discover a favourite flavour and come back for more.

Emporium of chocolate is a Sydney based chocolate business , we are at The Rocks Market every friday saturday and sundays , and also Kirribilli market.